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Rahul mannan course Honest Review with Pros and Cons

 BY Nirmal kumar 

Are you Looking  for Rahul Mannan's course honest review? so you must read this article before buying  Rahul Mannan Course. Today I am going to review Rahul Mannan's course and I am also reviewing every good and bad of Rahul Mannan's "Affiliate secrets" course and  I will also tell you how much I am making with affiliate marketing after Rahul mannan course purchased. so please read this entire article up to end.

rahul mannan course

Table of contents :-

  • About Rahul mannan course
  • What Rahul mannan course contains
  • My  own earnings after doing this rahulmannan course
  • Conclusion
  • My personal Lifetime support

About Rahul mannan course  (Affiliate Secrets) :-

Actually You have seen Rahul mannan ad many times on Youtube or Facebook. I have  also seen his youtube ad. In that video he tells he made 30 lakhs and he purchased his Dream Bike, Apple laptop and he opened his New digital marketing office and he said he achieved all his dreams with the help of Affiliate marketing.

At beginning  I thought it is an online scam but after a lot of research I came to know that Rahul mannan and his course are not fake. The number one reason that made me to purchase his course is “his  Youtube channel with 70,000+ subscribers”. Actually I have seen many people posting their success stories at the comment section of his youtube videos. It given me confidence  to buy his course.

So let us discuss what Rahul mannan course “Affiliate Secrets 3.0 ” consists of

Actually the entire course is of more than 50 hours, so I decided to complete it in 10 days.

In this course Rahul mannan teaches you first about affiliate marketing basics and how to choose a niche and how to get traffic to it through free traffic and paid ads and he also teaches you how to run fb ads, youtube ads,Google search ads, email marketing and also it contains Live Earning challenges.

so If you want to know indetail about What Affiliate secrets course consists then check the below.

Rahul mannan course Contains :-

1 - Introduction :-

In the introduction module, you will learn about affiliate marketing and its basics. It is very important for beginners. you will also learn how affiliate marketing really works.


2 - Niche Selection :-

This second training module will teach you about a niche, and explain what a real niche is. you will also be able to learn about the importance of a niche in affiliate marketing which can help you grow faster.

3 - Traffic :-

This is the most important and longest module in this Course. In this section, you will learn how to drive traffic to your website, which is very important to get sales as an affiliate marketer.  You will also learn about Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and Google ads within this section to bring traffic to your website. 

4 - Value :-

The fourth "value" module is a simple set of 3 videos inside where you will be learning how to give value to your customers or website visitors.  It is a very important idea for you to be successful with affiliate marketing.

5 - Importance of bonus :-

In this module, you will learn about the importance of bonuses. This strategy can help you grow your conversion rate and earn more commission.  Basically, it is about how you will provide extra value to the product by giving a bonus on your side when a affiliate product is purchased using your affiliate link.

 6 - Funnel Creation :-

This sixth module of these lessons teaches you about Funnels . Many beginners do not understand what a sales Funnel really is and how all businesses are using them to create brand awareness and Getting sales.  And it is the most important module of a course designed by him. Also, it is a module where you will learn how to use Click Funnels and some free funnel builder websites to create your own website.

  7 - Product Selection :-

"Product" is the title of the seventh phase of the course in which you will be learning about the different types of compatible products that you can simply promote to get a good commission value.  Also, this module will teach you how to choose the most profitable products you can sell as an affiliate marketer and he also gives you best Products list which give lifetime commissions for one time sale.

8 - Email marketing :-

This is one of the most important modules within the course. With email marketing, here you will learn how to collect emails and use them to increase your sales and commission.  you will be able to use all the marketing power by email after viewing this module.

9 – Outsourcing :-

Outsourcing  is the nineth phase of these studies. Within this section, you will learn about job creation in a way that can help you increase your profits and reduce your stress.  Within this section, you will basically know how to hire people to work for you.

10 - Affiliate marketing Earning Challenges :-

This is the best part I liked mostly because Rahul mannan shows everything live from scratch to make money online.

$100 per day challenge with Free Traffic :-

Rahul mannan makes $100 per day on clickbank with free traffic live infront of us. These secret strategies are awesome. I think no one makes this type of live challenge because it needs lot of experience. 

$100 per day challenge with paid traffic :-

 Rahul mannan makes $100 per day on clickbank with paid traffic live infront of us. within 5 days he achieves his goal. Actually reaching $100 per day goal is very difficult. rahul mannan shows his entire journey from beginning to end. i learned so many things from this challenge and that helped me to achieve my financial freedom.

$1000 per day challenge with paid traffic :-

Rahul mannan makes $1000 per day on clickbank with paid traffic live infront of us. He achieves this goal in 8 days. Making $1000 per day is a biggest goal for any of us. he shows his funnel and he gives his adcopy which helped him to make $1000 per day.

Note;- Best thing I liked about Affiliate secrets course is $100 per day challenge through organic  traffic  (free method) where we don’t need to spend even a single rupee on ads. I started my affiliate journey with this free traffic method only. This secrest strategies helped me to make $20 to $50 per day.

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My  own earnings after doing this Rahul mannan course

 I enrolled in Rahul Mannan's course 6 months back.

At first, my income wasvery less, but I have not giveup and I started consistently working 

and then after some days my income started increase and I achieved My 50$ per day goal with free traffic. Then after I moved to second goal that is making $100 per day. I have achieved my both goals with in a short time. You can check my earnings below

 My initial earnings with free traffic secret strategies told by Rahul mannan

My earnings now with the help of paid traffic

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The conclusion 

 I have given my honest review for Rahul Mannan course.  If you follow every strategies in the course, you will start earning faster and even if you work for few Hours then also you will earn good money.  It happened to me (see my earning screenshots  ) and I am sure it will happen with you too.

My advice is start with a free traffic strategies told inside the course and save that money and use that money for paid traffic then you will make huge earnings. I have done this method and I got success in this Affiliate Marketing.

Suppose If you haven't started making money with the strategies taught in the course

(I'm sure it will work because it worked for me), you can get your money back within 30 days. So no need to worry, your money will not be wasted. 

All the Best for you From myside for your new Affilaite marketing Journey"

So don't think too much. Register now and secure your future.

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My personal Support:-

If you purchase the course with above link then I will give you my personal support and I will guide you to achieve your financial freedom and I will also share some of my secret strategies to make $100 per day that I personally used. and I will also share my free traffic strategies also.

so Just send me your purchased screenshot of course to my whatsapp number below

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My whatsapp number = 9704005435.

If you have any doubts about the course then you can chat with me live by clicking on the whatsapp icon which is present at the rightside bottom of the page. I will clarify all your doubts personally.