Rahul Mannan Course Review- Affiliate Secrets Course 2.0

Welcome to Rahul Mannan course Review, Rahul Mannan is one of the best affiliate marketers in India. In a very short span of time, He got many appreciations from various people. He designed a course on affiliate marketing called “AFFILIATE SECRETS 2.0”. Many of the students from “Affiliate secrets course 2.0” are earning a lot of money. I am also one of his students. Now I am Making $50 per day through Clickbank. You Can watch my earnings screenshot below.

Rahul mannan click bank sales report

Rahul Mannan saw many of the people in affiliate marketing are struggling to generate revenue due to a lack of knowledge and guidance on how to get Leads, Sales, etc. So he designed the course “AFFILIATE SECRETS 2.0” where he shows his best strategies on How to promote the affiliate products and how to make money with them.

One of the best features of the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course is the “30 days $ 100 per day challenge”.  on that challenge He shows how to make $100 per day in 30 days through affiliate marketing from scratch.

 Actually many courses  Outside will teach you theoretical knowledge on how to run ads on various platforms but they don’t teach you practically. But in the Affiliate secrets course, he teaches you everything  Practically from scratch.

I have followed the same strategies of that challenge and now I am making  $50 per day.

so Affiliate secrets Course will help you a lot to get success in affiliate marketing. 

watch the below video of Rahul mannan where he shows his earning proof of how he made 30 lakhs in 6 months.

How He Made 30 Lakhs in Just 6 Months 

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What You  Will Learn in Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course?

Below are the following modules you will learn in Rahul Mannan Course

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction And Overview
  • How it Works
  • Long Term Empire
  • Congratulations on your First Attempt

Niche ( How to choose the category of product)

  •  How to Find Niche
  •  Is your Niche good Enough?
  • Watch this Before  Moving to the Next Module

Product (How to choose Right product)

  • Connecting Product to the Right Traffic
  • Low-quality affiliate places
  • High-Quality Affiliate places My recurring List
  • Clickfunnels
  • Resources
  • Clickbank Disabled Account Problem
  • Must watch before choosing the product
  • Your ClickBank account is not opening

Value (how to give value to people)

  • Product Value
  • Value upfront to get them signup and breakeven or Even make Money
  • Value Ladder

Funnel Designing

  • What is ClickFunnels and Sales Funnel
  • Bridge pages
  • Clickfunnel setup and bridge page creation
  • Clickfunnel mobile optimization
  • Fake credit card
  • Clickfunnels Problems
  • Choose Your Domain
  • Connect Domain With Clickfunnels
  • Generate Policy
  • Hello Funnel Builder:)
  • Your Clickfunnel account is not opening?

How To Get Traffic to our Offers

  • Your Dream Customer
  • Where They Gather
  • Search Vs Interruption
  • Organic Vs Paid
  • What is Facebook Ads
  • Business Manager and Page Setup
  • Account Setup
  • Pixel Setup
  • Pixel Setup (2nd part)
  • Let’s Create an Ad
  • Remarketing And Lookalikes
  • Campaign Optimization and scaling
  • My Facebook Ads Strategy For Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Problems
  • How to Chat Fb chat Support?
  • Google and Youtube Ads, Analytics and Conversion Pixel Setup
  • Keyword research
  • 3 Levels and Ad Creation 
  • My google Strategy
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Youtube Organic
  • Hook Story Offer
  • Facebook Group Marketing
  • You are a Digital Marketer Now 

Importance of Bonuses

  • Importance of Bonus in Affiliate Marketing
  • PLR Products

Email Marketing

  • Getting started with Email Automation
  • Soap opera sequences
  • Anatomy of emails
  • Resources
  • Email Integration Problem
  • Email in Spam
  • Don’t be overwhelmed


  • Outsourcing

Bonus: 30 Days, $100 a Day Challenge

  • $100 a Day From Affiliate Marketing 30 Days challenge
  • Day 1; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 2; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 3; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 4; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 5; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 6; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 7; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 8; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 9 $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 10; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 11; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Challenge Complete Day 12; $100  A Day From Affiliate Marketing
  • Clickbank Reporting
  • Our Secrete Affiliate Products
  • Ads For Affiliate Marketing
  • Power Of Email Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Paid Vs Organic
  • Power Of Audience and Personal Branding
  • Google campaign Optimization
  • Facebook Ads Strategy
  • More content coming soon
  • All Download files and Links

New Bonus From Rahul mannan course

  • How I Earned 17 Lakhs in 1 Week
  • Google ads Results
  • Facebook Ads Results
  • How to Create Ads
  • How to Optimize Your Ads
  • Organic Traffic

Affiliate Marketing in 2021|  Beginner to Advanced Level

  • Affiliate Marketing in 2021|  Beginner to Advanced
  • Affiliate Marketing in 2021|  Clickbank Beginner to Advanced
  • Affiliate Marketing  in 2021 |  Clickbank First Sale
  • Affiliate Marketing in 2021|  Organic Traffic | Beginner to Advanced

Youtube Videos

  • Affiliate Marketing  Biggest Mistake
  • Create  a High-Valued Converting landing page in just 2 minutes
  • Top 3 Affiliate Programme in 2020
  • Earned 60k on his Beginning  Month of Affiliate Marketing
  • How I Became a Millionaire in 2021
  • Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads: which one should use for Affiliate marketing
  • He Earned 2 Lakhs in Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Traffic vs Organic Traffic – Which Is the best for Affiliate Marketing.

    Affiliate secrets course consists of 60 hours of training.

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Testimonials of  “AFFILIATE SECRETS” course

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rahul mannan daily sales report

rahul manna students sales report

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