How the Process of order placement using Flyers algo Trading?



How the Process of order placement using Flyers algo Trading?

Fyers Algo trading process in detail
Super-fast order placement is an impotant part of APIBridge, which makes it stand apart from algo trading software. Fyers is one of the best fastest software
available to indian traders for system based trading.
By selecting APIBridge message window, one can check all the messages upto milliseconds time stamp.

Role of Latencey in Trading

For Algo Trading , Latency is the one of the key contributor in Slippage
If Suppose you have an idea to buy a Nifty when its trading at 9000. But by the time of order confirmation, The Trade Buyprice reached to 9010. In this way Slippage cost reached to 10 rs.
Consider an other example, you buy a stock at 100 and SL trigger price is 99 Rs. At that time Your SL gets triggered however you get sellprice of 98.50. In that Case, your slippage is 0.50. In this way you can make 2% per day, At last in a year you can grow your money 100 times!!
By Using Fyers APIBride you can place orders within a 50ms span of time. This is a Fastest service as compared to any of the software !
While the Processing Latency bridge for normal use is 100 ms. This is the time gap between the signal received and ordered placed. It all depends on number of symbol rows in symbol setting. In case, if you have hacked it to send signals without processing, it may also come under 2 ms too. Similarly upto 5 rows, it ranges from 20-200 ms. This process speed all depends on the speed of the computer.
We also have tested Fyers software view in chrome v83.x, chrome extn v3.4 and also in average computer of i5 4 th gen , 8 Gb DDR3 , win10. The results are amazing, it tool just 50ms span of time as shown in above pic. Fyers APiBridege also protects the privacy of trade strategies because all the data is stored in local computer. This can not be tracked by Algoji too.



Note: Generally the Latency in trading comes from internet speed. If suppose your strategy is sensitive, It is good to have VPS in Mumbai data Center.
At the begining APIBridge receive the signals and send orders to respective brokers.

Complete Order process step by step

Later the order travels over the internet to your broker server. this will take a span of 10 to 1500 ms. Sometimes it may fail also. It is due to broadband internet services in India. So it is checked using ping test, by this way you can read about the latency in detail too.
After that the broker has to process the orders and send it to Exchange. This process is very faster at takes max of 5 ms.
Again the broker have to replies to APIBridge with corresponding order number. All this process involves latency by Broker API to process the request for APIBridge. Along with that it also requires of Internet latency
There after APIBridge send request to Broker to confirm the Order Number and clarify whether the order Status is completed or not. This also again involves in
internet latency
Then the broker replies to APIBridge with order status.
At last you can see the trade happening. this overall process may take some delay. To clearly understand on technical details on Latency Read Full details.

What is the Reason For delay to see the Order Status upto 2-3 seconds?
Actually the time taken to see ordered can takes lot more time than order placement. It is because of fetching order status along with latency over internet connection and processing at broker level


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