Bizgurukul Honest Review

BY Nirmal , July 27, 2021

In this post, we are going to review an affiliate program that is on the boom, just after a few months of launching.

Bizgurukul is giving around 70% of affiliate commissions, I got to know about it, when I found various Instagram stories where people are giving a guarantee to earn 20 to 40k rupees every month, without doing anything. Initially, I thought, It will be a promotion of a typical MLM Company but this time it was something different.

Many people are confused with the question such as Bizgurukul is fake or real?, How Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Plan works? What are Bizgurukul Courses? 

So, this Bizgurukul Review post will help you understand the actual business plan of this company. 

Let us get started without Delay.

Actually Bizgurukul  Have Three courses.

Gold (Advance Personality Development) 3499 Rupees.

Saphire(Master Public Speaker); 5999 Rupees

Platinum (Zero to Millionaire) 9999 Rupees

To be honest these courses are extremely overpriced and the reason is,the company needs extra profit to share as the affiliate  commission, so they are charging  huge amounts on each course.

Bizgurukul affiliate marketing plan:-

Now the main reason behind the popularity of bizgurukul is its affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is a way of increasing the sales of products/service of a company.

In which the company gives a fixed commission when a person makes a sale of the company product.

To earn commissions a person needs to register with the company as an affiliate partner. So hegeta a unique affiliate link for each product and whensomeone makes a purchase with his affiliate link he will get commission for that purchase.

Bizgurukul on their gold product giving 2000 rupees in affiliate commission and on the platinum product they are giving 7000 rupees on each affiliate sale which is 70% .

One major twist is most affiliate programs to become an affiliate partner and earn the commission you don’t need to buy or spend anything from your pocket.

In Bizgurukul, to become their affiliate partner you need to buy their course first which is not worth the price. Then only you can do affiliate marketing with Bizgurukul.  Most of the people who purchased the Bizgurukul course, just want to earn the affiliate commission Here Bizgurukul is rotating the money of the users and earning 999 to 2999 rupees on each sale after excluding affiliate commissions. If someone didnt use any affiliate link, then the complete amount goes to the Bizgurukul.  

Should I join Bizgurukul Affilate Program?

Honestly Big No from my side. If you are serious about affiliate marketing and want to earn money online then I suggest you a course. That course is called  “AFFILIATE SECRETS 3.0” by Rahul mannan.

Rahulmannan is the co-founder of Affiliate secrets course. He is a well knownRising biggest affiliate marketer in India. He made thousands of dollars online through Affiliate marketing.

You may think that why I am suggesting this course? The reason is “I have purchased many affiliate marketing courses and make money online courses in the past but I did not made a single rupee.because  in every course they teach you how to run ads but they did not show you how to do it practically from scratch. But in Affiliate secrets course we will learn everything about affiliate marketing with theory and practical.

The best part I like about affiliate secrets course is Affiliate Earning challenges videos. This course contains  3 challenges done by Rahul mannan.  They are

  • $100 per day  challenge with Free traffic
  •  $100 per day challenge with paid traffic
  • $1000 per day challenge  with paid traffic

Each challenge videos will help you to understand about how to get sales and which are the best traffic sources are useful for getting sales.

Rahul mannan shows everything from scratch. He shows his  funnels and adcopy, video ads everything  infront of us and he shared everything inside the course.

In $ 1000 per day challenge  where Rahul mannan shows you how to grow zero to $ 1000 in commissions per day .Inside course, Rahul mannan shared his  $1000 sales funnel templates that Rahul mannan uses for himself. You  canuse that template as well and start making heavy commissions from day one.

Best thing I liked about Affiliate secrets course is $100 per day challenge through organic  traffic  (free  method) where we don’t need to spend even a single rupee. I started my affiliate journey with this free traffic method only. Now I am earning  $300 per day.

I have to sayBig  thanks to Rahul mannan sir for his “Affiliate secrets 3.0 course”  because it changed my life. So if you are seriously looking to make money online then I suggest you this course.

You can see My earnings below after I purchased the “ Affiliate secrets 3.0 course”

Initial earnings with free traffic( Followed exact steps in $100 per day organic challenge)

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