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You can use it to make a quick video for social media sites, blog posts, influencer videos, instant ads, sales videos, online courses, property listing.

Vidnami is continuous system upgrades and improvements.
Some of the recent updates have impressed me; for example, one of the improvements made late last year was the addition of automated voice overs.

Vidnami has fourteen different voiceover texts that will read the script for you.
Not only that, but unlike many other software tools with text-to-speech technology that seem robotic, Vidnami’s voiceovers are the most realistic I’ve heard.

However, you can also add your voice or any music track. Vidnami offers a wide selection of royalty-free titles or you can download your own.

Another exclusive update they made was partnering with Storyblocks Videos, which gives you access to 350,000 HD video clips that you can use for any videos you create with Vidnami.

Storyblocks has its monthly subscription plan, but with access to Vidnami, you’ll have access to all the HD clips you need at no extra cost.

Vidnami creates professional quality videos that attract more viewers. These videos can allow you to watch viral videos. You can easily create the “Top 10” type videos to create an authority YouTube channel.

And the unique thing when you use Vidnami, it won’t require you to install any app on your computer or laptop. Vidnami is hosted on Amazon’s web server. So you don’t have to install anything.


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